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Registration as a member of this site is required to ensure that only those who are supporting this venture receive the benefits of the information. After the initial registration there is a free trial period of seven days then further access to the site is by one of the two levels of subscription.

Basic: - The basic level of subscription. This gives limited access to the wind information from some of the sites that are running. The access is limited to wind direction and average speed. The subscription for this level of access is free, however the subscription must be renewed each year.

Power: - The top level of subscription. This gives access to the wind information from all sites that are running plus access to recent historic data, tide time and web-cam picture. The subscription for this level of access is $50.00 per year (365 days).

Registration: - Registration requires a username and email address to secure your access plus a first and last name to make the site a little more friendly. We expect that the information entered will be a normal name and email address. Spaces and odd-ball symbols will be rejected. Have a look at the registration page.

Refund policy: - Should you decide to discontinue with your subscription please contact us about a refund.

The Region: - All the windstations are grouped into one region, the South Island.