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beWindWise and know the wind before you leave home.

Providing wind information for sailing in Canterbury since 2004.

Windstations at popular sailing places measure the wind speed and direction. This is transmitted back to the website every ten minutes. The website then displays the windspeed as gust, average and lull. See the location maps showing the windstation sites.

Register for a seven day free trial of the site and see how it works.

The site at a glace:
→ Data collected on a 10 minute cycle.
→ Gust, average, lull, temperature and tide.
→ Tide times for tomorrow and the next day.
→ Keep your own sailing logs.
→ Cellphone, iPhone, smartphone friendly.
→ Get a "good wind" email or text message.
→ Follow beWindWise on twitter.
→ See the Estuary on a web camera.

Sample webcam pictures:-

Example windstation report:-
Current sites:-