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beWindWise has been in operation since November 2004 and there are now seven windstations running most of the time. More are planned for the network with a possible site at Greenpark. There are three webcams operating at the Estuary, Waimak and Ellesmere posting pictures several times each hour from these popular sailing locations. Often one picture is worth a whole page of data. has a low data footprint and works well on links that are slow or with limits on time or megabytes. The tabular display may not be glossy but the download is quick. There is an initial download of around 40K then data updates at around 13k each time. Very slim and fast.

The windstations operate during daylight hours with most starting to send in data from around 6am each day. One station is solar powered so works when the sun is shining. Most stations operate until 8pm each day. While the aim is to have all stations running each day, there will be times when a station may not be operating because of a failure of equipment, loss of power, issues with the cellphone network or it just got turned off.

There is a seven day tide planner available to Power subscribers. This chart includes the tide height and the low tide along Brighton Beach.

By choosing your own preferences a smartphone data page can be selected. This page works for both iPhone and Android smartphones. For older web enabled phones a slimed down data page is still available at where a trial page can be accessed.

Keeping in touch with good sailing days is now easier with the "Good Wind" email message. When selected windstations report good sailing conditions an email message can be sent to your email address. This email option, available to power subscribers only, can also be linked to a text message sent to your cellphone or you can follow beWindWise on twitter.

Most pages have a Close button (top-right) to exit.
Use this on the data page or you will lock yourself out for a while if you don't!
The site has been built to keep within the web standards so should work with most
browsers and most phones.

Feedback to Kerry at Howisit dot co dot nz