A brief summary of            

1. This windsite downloads quickly with typically around 30k to initially get to the data page. The data page then updates automatically every three minutes at around 11k each time. Great for dial-up connections and you can stay connected for long periods.

2. The windstations run on a ten minute cycle which means that there are six updates of the wind information each hour.

3. Plenty of information about the wind speed plus most stations are providing a wind index. The index is a measure of the "goodness" of the wind for sailing.

4. There is a seven day tide planner so you can schedule ahead your sailing time.

5. You can access this web-site winddata from a web-able cellphone;

6. After a days sailing you can access a windstations data to create your own log.

7. Get an email message when the wind index goes "green A". Selected sites are checked each hour from 09:00 to 16:00hrs and if they show green-A then an email message can be sent. What can then be done (for some ISP's) is to connect this email message to a message alert so you then get a text message on your cellphone whenever the wind is up.

8. There is a subscribers message board where you can post a brief message about sailing conditions or buy/sell sailing gear. This is visable to subscribers only.

9. There is a web camera located at the Eastcoast Boarding shop, facing out over the Estuary, sending in several pictures each day.