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Example Windstation data.

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Lincoln SW 4 1 0 C   _1_2_0_1_2_1 be Wind Wise
Testsite none 0 0 0 C 0 down be Wind Wise

The display here is typical of what will be seen for the Power subscription. For the Basic subscription only the direction and average speed will be shown.
Site name. The site name is also an active link to a picture. For some sites this picture will come from a web-cam.
Direction. The wind direction is given in points of the compass - North, NNE, NE, ENE, East etc.
Gust, Average, Lull. The wind strength is given in knots. The values are taken from a ten minute sample.
In addition the average speed is an active link to todays data.
Index. This is a measure of the "goodness" for windsurfing or kiteboarding based on the ideal of 10 - 20knots with only gradual variations. More information here
Temperature is given in degrees celsius. The water temperature will become available at some sites.
Last hour. This field shows each of the average speeds sampled over the past hour. When there has been no input for more than an hour it shows down.
Tide. For Power subscribers there is tide information on the data page which includes the best sailing time for the Estuary. There is also a seven day tide planner.
The data from the sensors is collated and posted on the website at ten minute intervals. This page, on your computer, then updates from the website every three minutes.
The age of the data is given by the colour of the site name. For example when the site name is Black then the data is less than 35 minutes old, however it turns Red when the data is older than 35 minutes.
Presentation of the data is in classic table format. One day I will find time to create an alternative graphical format.
** Refer to the membership page for subscription access levels.
Navigation. Points to note when navigating around the site:
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  3. You can watch the Estuary speed with the browser minimised.